Badminton Toyotsu Cup 2020

TTI Won Badminton Toyotsu Cup 2020

On  March 8, 2020,  TTI held Badminton Toyotsu Cup 2020 in Badminton Sport center Dian Jaya in Bekasi. This is the fisrt sport event which held by TTI. 
The participants of this event were National Staff, Expat of  Toyotsu Group (TTLC, TTNT, TTME, TTI, and TTEI) and also outsourcing employees who are assigned at Toyotsu Group (TTLC, TTNT, TTME, TTI, and TTEI).
For this event, TTI sent 2 team which called TIM A (Midplaza team) and Team B (Cibitung Team).  The member of the team were as follow :
Midplaza Player :                                                   Cibitung Player:
Waluyo Dwi Ananto  (IDY1)                       1. Sugiyarto      (IDH1)     
Aminudin               (IDS1)                               2. Rendy          (IDH1)
Masaki Kariya         (IDX1)                             3. Zhico           (IDP2)
Kevin Daniel           (IDP1)                             4. Anthony        (IDP1)     
N.Alam                  (IDR1)                                5. Ferri                 (IDK3)
Rochman Ali          (IDP4)                             6. Budi             (IDK1)
Ngadimin               (IDY1)                              7. Wibi             (IDK1)
Mario                    (IDD1)                                 8. Cipto           (IDK1)
Official : Syukur (IDY1) and Fuad (IDK3)
At the semifinal, TTI A Vs TTI B win by TTI B, and TTLC A VS TTNT win by TTNT
n the end, TTI B  should face team from TTNT at the Final, and the Final Match was win by TTI B. 
Odoo • Image and Text
Odoo • Image and Text
Odoo • Image and Text