BCP Protocol : Improvement

BCP Protocol Improvement

Though we have tried several safety methods to cut the virus in work place, but the cases still keeps appearing. Therefore, we would like to improve more of our BCP protocol in our workplace with coordination from all employees.

Therefore, we would like to improve more in several aspects in below points.


We would like to improve the form of Guest Health Declaration form into online form. Kindly socialize to your supplier/customer/ who will have meeting in TTI premises, to fill the green link belowGuest Health Declaration 

Filling the guest form at least H-1 will be highly appreciated for better preparation and pre-screening of the information.

On the visiting day, guest need to report to receptionist (MidPlaza) / GA (Cibitung) to have body temperature check to be recorded.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text


Please ensure to fill daily for the Health Declaration precisely and honestly in the orange link below

Employee Health Declaration 

Always communicate closely with your supervisor & HRGA, if you are not sure of your health condition before do WFO.

Shall you need to revise your form, kindly fill the attached form of "Form of Revision Data


For those staffs who do WFO, we will implement again the body temperature check and symptom declaration in the the receptionist (for Cibitung staffs, body temperature will be checked in the security). If you have any kind of symptom, kindly declare and write in the list provided (in the receptionist for MidPlaza & GA table for Cibitung).

For MidPlaza, all doors will be closed until 09:30 AM except door in front receptionist

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text


We have prepare more hand sanitizer in several spots (meeting rooms, copy machine, and open discussion area) and also face shield. If you need/want to wear face shield for work purpose, kindly request the face shield to GA (Yanthy/Sugiyarto/Rendy). We provide 1 (one) pc of face shiled for each staff. Kindly keep and put your face shield properly and clean all the time, to ensure not to give another possibility of virus spreading.