Emergency Declaration on Outbreak of COVID-19 Infection

Emergency Declaration on Outbreak of COVID-19 Infection

A Message From President and CEO Mr Ichiro Kashitani

On March 11, World Health Organization (WHO) announced that COVID-19 can be characterized as a pandemic.

In response to the WHO announcement, we, Toyota Tsusho Group, hereby declare "Emergency Declaration on Outbreak of COVID-19 Infection".


In line with this declaration, please undertake the following measures immediately at each Company and Department:


1. Undertaking measures to protect and secure life and safety of all officers and employees:

Please ensure to implement all measures to protect life and safety, including but not limited to, "gargling and hand-wash", "everyday temperature check and stay home if a fever is present", and "work at home and staggered commuting to the office";


2. Establishment of Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to ensure business continuity and undertaking training for execution of the BCP:

Please establish BCP per each Company/Department/Working Unit in preparation to COVID-19 infection, and undertake training and practice for well execution of the BCP without any trouble.


3. Leader of each Company/Department must thoroughly execute the above measures, and provide instruction and support in every field for each and every of your staffs to well confront and deal with this situation with a sense of urgency.


The End of Declaration


-For the reference to the measure #2 above, our "Manual at occurrence of infection" is as below;





-Please contact the blow executive office of Emergency Headquarter for any inquiry about this declaration:


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