TTI Covid-19 : Case #1, #2, #3

1st, 2nd, 3rd Positive Case in TTI

Refer to the Covid-19 pandemic, we would like to share the following important points:

1. Update of Confirm Covid-19 Cases

    As we known that we have 3 members who are declared confirmed Covid-19. To understand their condition, we conduct regular monitoring and gladly to inform that their overall condition is fine.

  •     1st case (female employee)

            Current condition is good (without symptom), and still continue conducting self-isolation at home. She will conduct further PCR test and hopefully the result will be Negative.

  •     2nd case (male employee)    

              Currently the condition is quite good but still has symptoms such as cough and limps. As he has been being isolated in isolation facility (Wisma Atlet), he should get proper treatment. So, hopefully he can recover soon.

  •     3rd case (male employee)

           Currently the condition is quite good but still has symptom such as cough. He conduct self-isolation at home and waiting further direction from Puskesmas.  


2. Office Condition

Even we have 3 cases in this month, as you know that company has conducted proper action and follow up to ensure that the confirm case get proper treatment. The close contact persons have been directed to conduct WFH and PCR test. And company also has conducted additional office disinfecting (MidPlaza and Cibitung) when the case occurred. Moreover, we continue to conduct regular office disinfecting every weekend. So, we confirm the office condition is safe for working.

3. Work From Office

As we have conducted and implemented proper action to cut virus spreading chain and ensure office condition is safe, we would like all employees to consider professionalism. In case you need/are requested to work from office, lets conduct WFO professionally. Next week is timing of month end closing, we believe that more employees may need to come to office.

We understood the feeling of worry, but let us avoid any rumors which may only raise unreasonable worries. During this pandemic, we understood the risk is everywhere and can be occurred to anyone, that is why we have to keep ourselves from infection by conducting Health Protocol both in workplace and private life. As long as everyone keep Health Protocol, we may not feel worry too much.


Thank you for your kind attention and cooperation.