TTI Covid-19 : Case #48

48th Positive Case in TTI

Be AWARE of CORONA anytime!!!

Herewith, we regretfully to announce that we have another female employee in Cibitung who was declared confirmed Covid-19 this on Monday. So, this become 48th Case in our company.

The 48th case (member of Global Parts Dept.) conducted last WFO 19 Jan. 2021 and she got symptom on 21 Jan.2021.Then she took PCR test on 04 Feb. 2021 and the PCR test result which released on 08 Jan. 2021 shown that she was confirmed Positive Covid-19. Currently she conducts self-isolation at home.

In response to this situation, TTI has been conducting the following precautionary measures in due course:

  1. We have reported to Puskesmas - Kecamatan Danau Indah and Manpower

  2. We have reported to TTLC Building Management

  3. We have conducted close contact tracing and unfortunately there are 3 persons considered as close contact. The close contact have been directed to do WFH and took PCR test

  4. We have conducted office disinfecting all areas concerned within Cibitung office premises on last Saturday, 30 Jan. & 6 Feb. 2021

  5. Have conducted additional disinfecting for the car which was used for commuting

Refer to the above case Cibitung office will remain open as there is no obligation of office closure. However, we have conducted office disinfecting and contact tracing to break infection chain.

Finally, refer to current Covid-19 case in our company that mostly supposed comes from outside, we would like to remind everyone:

  1. Please strongly conduct Health Protocol in the private life as well as in the office. Please always pay attention whenever we meet our family members/relatives and keep the Health Protocol as well

  2. Please share with your family members to avoid infection with referring our protocol in order for them not to be infected and raise their awareness against Covid-19

  3. Please do monitor your health condition and be aware of any symptom you have (day and night). Please report to your DeO and HRGA to get advice for necessary action (WFH/check to doctor, etc).

Again, we have more cases day by day and please be aware that Covid-19 is getting closer to our life now. So, please surely keep doing Health Protocol both in the workplace and also in the private life to prevent infection.

Thank you for your kind attention and cooperation.

BCP Team