TTI Covid-19 : Case #5 & #6

5th & 6th Positive Covid-19 Case in TTI

Let us keep health and be AWARE of CORONA.

It seems we have more confirmed Covid-19 case in our company recently even we have been implementing Health Protocol in our company.

We just shared the announcement of 4th confirmed Covid-19 case in our company yesterday. However, with deep regret we have to announce 2 (two) new confirmed positive Covid-19 cases of our male MidPlaza members which become our 5th case and 6th case.

  1. The 5th case (member of IT Dept) conducted last WFO and stay at office on 24th September 2020. He got symptom on 24th September 2020 and took PCR test on 1st October 2020. The result which released today (2nd October 2020) shows he is POSITIVE COVID-19. His condition is quite good but with symptoms and he is conducting self-isolation at home.

  2. The 6th case (permanent driver of IDR1) conducted last WFO on 30 September 2020. He has no symptom but due to business purpose, he needed to take Rapid test on 30th September 2020. Due to the result of Rapid test was Reactive, then he was directly instructed to do PCR test. He did PCR on 30th September 2020 and the result which is released today shown he is POSITIVE COVID-19. His condition is quite good with light symptom and he is conducting self-isolation at home.

In response to this situation, TTI has been conducting the following precuationary measures in due course:

  1. We have reported to Puskesmas - Kecamatan Tanah Abang through whatsapp

  2. Will report to MidPlaza building today

  3. We have conducted close contact tracing and direct them to conduct WFH and take PCR test and other necessary action

  4. We will conduct office disinfecting all areas concerned within MidPlaza office premises tomorrow morning as well as regular disinfectant

  5. Will conducted car disinfecting today as well as we also conduct regular disinfecting every week

Refer to the above case, and according to government regulation, we would like to announce that we will conduct office closure for 3 calendar days on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (3, 4, and 5 October 2020). The office will be resume open on Tuesday 6 October 2020. GAHR will monitor the condition and will update the information on Sunday & Monday in cse any change office condition on Tuesday onward.

During the office closure, please:
1) Make preparation and bring items for Work From Home (such as printer, copy paper, chop, stamp duty, stapler, etc)
2) In case your members need to come to Cobotung office, please inform to GA (Rini/Sugiyarto) in advance at least by Saturday in order to prepare the space. Tentatively we have 14 seats in Cibitung office
3) During the office closure, GA will collect the document in the courier office and drop into Christiani's house. In case you need the document to be distributed to staffs, please contact GA (Christiani) and please arrange the car to pick up the document at Christiani's house.

4) Document which delivered to MidPlaza shall be put in the mail box, on the other hand our GA staff will also stand by at MidPlaza (at security offcie)

Finally, as we have more confirmed case recently, so we would like to:
1) Strengthen our Health Protocol which we have socialized directly to all employees and we strongly request to all employees to obey and implement Health Protocol seriously in workplace as well as in the private life.
2) We also start to implement Daily Health monitoring to all employees in order to able to early detect and take immediate necessary action. We would change the dateline of submission at 08:00 AM (on working days) and 12:00 PM (on weekend/holiday). So, please diligently submit the daily monitoring form (Health Declaration & Close Contact record form) correctly
Again, even we have more confirmed Covid-19 cases, please stay calm. The most important is surely keep doing Health Protocol both in workplace and also in the private life to prevent infection. This is what we can do at the most before vaccine is found.

Thank you for your kind attention and cooperation.

BCP Team