TTI Covid-19 News : Online Forms

Health Declaration & Close Contact Record

In additional to TTI protocol, company would like to strengthen the helath monitoring to all employees. We must monitor the health condition and have early symptom detection daily in order to take fast proper action.

For the past 3 days, we have tried implementing the online forms of Health Declaration and Close Contact Record. We would like to thank you for your cooperation by filling the forms. And as improvement action, we have combined both forms into 1 form.

Therefore, we would like to request for all employees' support by following below remarks:

  1. Fill the online form of HEALTH DECLARATION & CLOSE CONTACT daily (include weekend) before 08:00 AM

  2. Do not mistaken to input the "application date" and "department"

  3. If you mistaken to input the data, do not double input but need to fill the Form of Revision Data

  4. Kindly input for the Close Contact names according to TTI categories

The form can be accessed by mobile phone/computer in the following link

Shall you have technical problem to accessed the link in your mobile phone/computer, kindly consult with IT
Incase, you have mistaken/miss to input the data and would like to revise/update or want to add new data, you may fill the "Form of Revision Data" as attached. 

Every morning (Monday to Friday), GL, DeO, and DiO will check the list and ensure that all members has complete fill the form latest by 10:00 AM. On Monday, Gl, DeO, and DiO will be ckeck the list include weekend data list. And GA (Yanthy) will download the data at 10:30 AM as final daily report to DeO, DiO and PD. This updated form is effective since 26 September 2020. For your reference, we attached the TTI Close Contact categories.

Shall you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact GA (Yanthy) at or 081289906773.

Your kind and continuous support is highly appreciated.