TTI Covid-19 : PCR Test

New Year 2021 PCR Test

Layout, Flow and Procedure

Year end holiday is coming soon and as announced, TTI will close the office from 24 December 2020 - 03 January 2021. The office will resume open from 04 January 2021. We expect that some of employees need to have vacation after long time stay at home during the pandemic to recharge the energy.

However, we have concern the potential risk of virus infection during year end holiday. Therefore, to secure our workplace before we start our activity in January 2021, company would like to conduct PCR test. We have set up the PCR test schedule as below:

BatchPCR test DatePCR result dateStart working at office
12 Jan. 20213 Jan 20214 & 5 Jan 2021
24 Jan. 20215 Jan 20216 Jan 2021
35 Jan 20216 Jan 20217 Jan 2021

For overview, we would like to share the brief explanation as below:
1) PCR test in MIDPLAZA

As the number of participants who take PCR test in MidPlaza is quite many, then we will set up specifically to minimize crowded:

  • PCR test activity will be conducted from 07:00 AM on 02 Jan 2021 and from 08:00 AM on 04 & 05 Jan 2021

  • PCR test will be divided in several sessions in each batch with 30 minutes break time between session

  • The session is arrange per department. So, kindly check carefully the session/time schedule of your department to take PCR test

  • Each department kindly arrange commuter for the members who take PCR test refer to the schedule

  • Please avoid to mix the member who has obtained negative PCR test with the member who has not conduct PCR test in the same car

  • PCR test location is in the 2nd floor (kindly find the procedure and layout file)

  • After taking PCR test, the members have to direct to go home, not allowed to stay in the office and get in touch with other members who have obtained negative PCR test.

2) PCR test in CIBITUNG

The PCR test in Cibitung will be arranged as below procedure:

  • PCR will be conducted from 08:00 AM on 2, 4, and 5 January 2021

  • PCR test will be arranged based on the arrival of employees

  • PCR test location in the parking area of ex-TTME office (outdoor) (kindly find the layout and detail procedure as attached)

  • The employees who take PCR test are not allowed to enter TTI working area. After taking PCR test, the employees have to direct to go home

3) Start Work From Office

Employee who has obtained Negative PCR test is able to conduct Work From Office refer to the WFO arrangement of each department.

We do hope that all PCR test result will be negative, then we all could enjoy working with safe condition. Again, please enjoy the holiday but also keep attention to the Health Protocol to protect you and your lovely family from virus infection.

Thank you for your kind attention and cooperation

Have a nice long holiday and Happy New Year.

BCP team


* MidPlaza Layout & Procedure : 

* Cibitung Layout & Procedure :    

 * Time schedule list per office :