TTI Covid-19 Protocol Socialization

TTI Covid-19 Manual

As we have conducted the socialization of TTI Covid-19 Manual and Health Protocol to all TTI employees and drivers/OH, therefore we have several good inputs and concerns from the employees which we took them as improvement. Herewith, our feedback to employees' concerns refer to TTI Health Protocol and Manual Socialization.

High risk employee (how to treat WFH for high risk employee to minimize infection)

Refer to our annual MCU result, each employee kindly check your health condition and if you are considered as High Risk person, please communicate with your Deo/Dio to arrange WFH/WFO based on necessity during PSBB in order to minimize risk and also by considering business operation. Those critical sickness are:

  1. High blood pressure

  2. Hearth disease

  3. Diabetics

  4. Lungs

  5. Cancers

  6. Pregnant Women

  7. Employee who is more than 60 years old

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Break time (lunch time) arrangement for Cibitung members

In order to avoid crowds and to minimize the risk during lunch time in TTLC canteen, company allow Cibitung members to have break time with below options:

  • Employee who bring lunch box may have a meal on the work-desk at 12:00 by keeping cleanliness and tidiness after having meal

  • Employee who need to have a meal in the TTLC canteen, may have break time at 11:30 (for reference, TTLC's break time is arrange into 2 sessions: session 1 is at 11:45-12:45 & session 2 is at 12:15-13:15)

Government regulation about limitation of gathering (such as smoking area, etc). Considering we don't have smoking area in Cibitung and staffs usually smoke  in the parking area in front of lobby. How many persons for limitation of gathering and how to minimize the risk?

  • Refer to government regulation, limitation of gathering is max 5 persons

  • In order to minimize risk during smoking, we have communicated with TTLC and TTLC has marked the area. On the other side, we also have marked our smoking area at lobby

  • We also have marked our driver room and female musholla to make a distance refer to our protocol

  • All employees have to follow the company protocol while smoking, praying, in the driver waiting room and all area to avoid virus infection


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Recommendation to using restroom to avoid crowds

Although we have enough rest room/toilet but sometimes crowds occur, so there is potential risk. How to minimize the risk (of close contact) in the rest room/toilet?

  • Kindly all employees use restroom as needed and do not spend much time in the rest room

  • In case the capacity is full/crowd, please wait for a while or use other restroom (ea.. second floor in MidPlaza, etc). We have attached the sign remark on the toilet door


Recommendation to use proper mask (refer to announcement from government which mentioned that several masks material is not effective enough)

In order to minimize droplet spreading which is potential to spread the virus, company has provided 5 pcs fabric masks (which is included in the recommended mask) to all employees.

Please wear recommended mask properly which is more effective to minimize virus infection at least 2 ply mask refer to Government standard.

For your information, the below are recommended mask type:

Mask Type A (common use)

  • Minimal 2 ply

  • Air permeability range 15-65 cm3/cm2/second

  • Free formaldehyde level 75mg/Kg

  • Absorption < 60 second

  • Resistant to color fading against washing, acid based, sweat as well as saliva

Mask Type B (bacteria filtration use)

  • Minimum 2 ply

  • Free formaldehyde 75mg/Kg

  • Absorption < 60 second

  • Resistant to color fading against washing, acid based, sweat as well as saliva

  • Pass bacteria filtration efficiency test (> 60%)

  • Measure the quality of differential pressure masks (< 15)

Mask Type C (particle filtration use)

  • Minimum 2 ply

  • Free formaldehyde 75mg/Kg

  • Absorption < 60 second

  • Resistant to color fading against washing, acid based, sweat as well as saliva

  • Pass bacteria filtration efficiency test (> 60%)

  • Measure the quality of differential pressure masks (< 21)

For more information of mask standard, please refer to below links

CDC - Proper Mask

 CNN - National Standard of Mask

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Odoo • Image and Text

Insurance Response. When staff is hospitalized and need to take PCR, the hospital need to contact the insurance company to get the approval of treatment. However Insurance response is slow (take 3 days). As staff need to get to know her/his condition soon (in case get positive case) or to avoid infection during in the hospital, then fast response from insurance is needed.

Refer to the above case, we have clarified to the insurance company that the response from insurance is basically less than one hour. However, in some cases the slow action of hospital to take necessary treatment due to miss-communication or not complete information or documentation

In order to faster the process of treatment, employee can maximize "E-Benefit" application function. Through this application, employee can directly chat with insurance officer to understand the current condition of medical treatment process of the member.

We will conduct socialization regarding "E-Benefit" application function to all employees.

Rapid test for driver outsource. Incase we need temporary driver, how can company confirm the condition of the temporary driver? Can we request Rapid test to the driver/outsourcing company?

We have communicated to the outsourcing company and they confirmed in case we need temporary driver, they will proceed Rapid test and submit Non-reactive Rapid test result to us


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Customer/vendor who does not conduct proper health protocol such as crowds while queuing during submitting invoice/document. How should I do? (this concern came from driver)

Refer to this condition, kindly we request driver to inform the vendors condition to each sales Dept PIC in order to share our concern and request their improvement of Health Protocol. 


As we stay in the building which there is no open window to have air circulation, how to keep air condition is good/safe enough?

MidPlaza Building Management has confirmed that the air condition is maintained in good condition as they have conducted the following actions:

  • The AC of each floor is separated/split from other floor which it is prevent any contamination from other

  • Beside filtration of air in the AC machine, they also install another filtration for new fresh air from outside. So, the air circulation in the office area is not only inside air but also exchange with outside air

  • They conduct regular cleaning every 3 months and even earlier based on necessity

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We would like to share with you for the socialization material. You may click the attached file 

And we also would like to know your opinion regarding of our current BCP and your understanding. Therefore, we would like to conduct survey. Kindly click on the link to participate in the Socialization survey Survey of Socialization TTI Covid-19 Manual The dateline of this socialization survey will be on 09th October 2020 (Friday).

Thank you for your time and participation.

BCP Team