TTI PD Message

TTI PD Message for October 2020

It has been 1 month again since I had delivered my last message at end of August 2020. Let us review our history once again.

1. In April, we were on defensive mode to be "against Covid-19"

2. In May, we set up basic protocol againts Covid-19 and start the WFH challenge

3. In June, we brushed up our protocol and WFH to be "with Covid-19"

4. In July, we turned around our mode to "Offensive", which is 1st Gear

5. In Aug., we shifted to 2nd Gear which is "More Aggressive"

6. In Sept. we shifted to 3rd Gear which is "Check our SQCD and Accelerate"

I was going to say, "as scheduled, we shifted up to TOP GEAR from Oct." However, I need to say "Keep 3rd Gear, calm down, and keep your speed (not slowing down).

As all of you know, in September, TTI got 3 members who got influenced by Covid-19. Fortunately their health condition has not been serious, and I hope all of them will be back soon. Also, DKI Jakarta is back to PSBB (2nd) original because the infection spread is getting worse. Our customers also have many influenced members in their office and factories. Unfortunately, our market will be re-expanded as we expected. Our first priority is SAFETY. So, we have decided to set up target of WFO around 25% even though our business license allow us to have WFO 50% during current PSBB.

Our safety protocol has been brushed up many times and will be adjusting circumstances. We keep installing influence-preventing equipment as much as we can. We keep installing business facilities to achieve WFO 25%. So, I would like you to be calm down and keep working with our safety protocol.

Even tough our market has not been back to before-Covid-19 yet, but we can see the difference on our customers. I believe it is opportunity and we can take it. So, we should not be Top-Speed in this month, however, we can keep accelerating our business and keep your speed with our protocol.

Then, what we are going to do in October is:

1) Calm down and be thorough our Safety Protocol

2) Communicate with our customers to find their "change"

3) Re-make our plan on how to increase our sales and decrease our cost in 2nd half (Oct 2020 - Mar 2021)

4) Take an action with keeping speed then we can be top speed from November