TTI PD Message Year End 2020

Let us be ready for 2021 with


The year of 2020 is ending, reviewing 2020, we need to say it was Covid-19 year. We believe we settled-up TTI protocol properly and adjust our business activity based on that. It is output of all TTI members' effort. I appreciate it very much.

In 1st Quarter (April ~ June 2020), we needed be AGAINST Covid-19. We needed to set up initial protocol and prepare how to do WFH. Everything was new to us. We were in the dark tunnel.

In 2nd Quarter (July ~ September 2020), we needed to be WITH Covid-19. We brush up our protocol and changed style to offensive.

However, market had been shrink and we got several Covid-19 infected members. We could not be top gear. We need to store know-how for Covid-19-infected.

From Oct., kept "Third Gear". We have to keep adjusting our protocol. However, we got adjusted "with Covid-19" and recognized customers' change. Our monthly profit/loss number changed to positive number. I can see many new sales activity.

I believe we have been running on the RIGHT TRACK. I would like to say, "we will start 2021 with Top Gear (Speed)".

So, I would like to ask all of you for the following points:

  1. Self-Discipline. Even tough we will keep adjusting our safety protocol, it is almost completed. I would like all of you to follow it. The protocol was made by opinions of all of us. It is a commitment of each other and promise each other. So, even during the long holidays in December, please keep self-discipline in your private time as well.

  2. To think "what we can do more?" "what is opportunity for us?"As you know, Covid-19 changed everything on the business field. Communication tool internally and externally changed and customer needs changed. It is risk and opportunity. Please find the opportunity. In order to do it, we need to keep "thinking".

  3. To take the first step in faith. With Covid-19, we do not know the future exactly. However, we need to assume by ourselves. Please do not stop as "Think" and "Take an action" is our slogan for two years. Now, it is time to take step (action). We need to be half step ahead from customer and competitor to survive.

I hope that year 2021 is a good year for us. So, let's be ready for top speed during December

Mitsuru Yanase

TTI President Director