Covid-19: One Staff Positive Covid-19 in Group Company

+++ Internal Information Only +++

That some of you might know, hardly we would like to inform you that one member of our sister company is Positive Covid-19 where the PCR test result was released on 18 July 2020. After having the PCR result, it has been reported to Building Management, Dinas Kesehatan (Public Health) - Tanah Abang area.

The action that has been conducted:

By sister company

  1. Request the Positive case person to do self-quarantine until the PCR result is 2x negative

  2. Conduct tracing the close contact

  3. Conduct PCR test for all close contact persons and all the result are NEGATIVE

  4. Conduct disinfecting the office area on Friday, 17 July 2020 as the preventive action

  5. Close the office for temporary (20-26 July 2020) and conduct WFH 80%. For some employees who conduct WFO at Cibitung office are not included as close contact

By Building Management

  1. Has conduct disinfecting the public area such as lobby, toilet, elevator, etc on Monday, 20 July 2020 (night time)

  2. Support to trace close contact by using CCTV

This information is shared to all employees to make the information clear and to secure employees safety that both sister company and Building Management have conducted proper action. The same case might happen anytime to any one as the virus spreading could not be fully controlled. One important things is DO NOT BE PANIC. However, it is very important for us to be always be aware and keep HEALTH PROTOCOL everywhere all the time to avoid Covid-19 infection at our best effort.


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Please do not share this email to outside parties without permission from HRGA