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Is a simple yet big impact thinking to reduce the waste of paper usages.

For your reference, in 2020, TTI already purchased 5.22 ton of paper and since "1 ton of uncoated virgin (non-recycled) printing and office paper averagely uses 17 mature trees", we can assume in 2020 TTI consumed around 88 trees for operational. Compare to 2019, we only used 70% of yearly consumptions, due to current Covid-19 with WFH working condition.

We don't want to stop people printing and we cannot stop people printing. We simply think that sometimes, people, and not everyone, need a reminder that wasting paper doesn't make economic or environmental sense.

Thus, we have made a little survey about paper usages in our company, PT. Toyota Tsusho Indonesia, back in July 2020. But at that time unfortunately only around 40% of all TTI colleagues  responded to the survey, yet we've got few surprising results we would like to share, such as:

~ 13% out of correspondence didn't know how to utilize used paper

~ 39% out of correspondence didn't utilize used paper, since 13% didn't know how to use it. So we assume another 26% didn't want/too lazy/limited due to WFH or had other reason to not utilize it

~ 54% out of correspondence stated that Meeting material have to be printed out

We do realize that due to there is not much responder, so maybe cannot portray much about TTI behavior, but at least from above results, we would like to improve our awareness against wasting resources or in this case is paper. Which is why, we would like to share a guidelines on "How to Utilize Used Paper" to all of you, as attached file below. At least by sharing this information, we can reach 13% of the correspondence, so they can know how to utilize Used Paper.

We believe that almost everyone knew, that document can be printed using used paper are the one which usually use internally, only for checking, later sent electronically, etc. But we also knew that there are some document which everyone unsure about its traits, and whether it is okay to use used paper or not. So, we also want to share the list of document which can be printed using used paper as attached file below, hopefully this list can help everyone who has a doubt whether some documents can be printed using Used Paper or not.

The list is made based on our confirmation with the related parties and if you still have any doubts, we can help to ask to the related parties confirmation to make sure.

Thank you for the attention by reading this message. We hope that by putting our gentle reminders on the documents that are so often needlessly printed we might start a small movement of change. 


~ How to Utilize Used Paper 

~ List of document can be printed using used paper 

Best Regards,


PT. Toyota Tsusho Indonesia