TTI Covid-19 News : Case #3

3rd Positive Covid-19 Case in TTI

As we understand that we have been trying our best effort to provide a safe workplace for all employee, however, previously we have announced 2 (two) members being confirmed positive Covid-19. Just yesterday we announced for the second confirmed positive Covid-19 case  in our company, and today regretfully to announce that we have 1 (one) more confirmed positive Covid-19 case.

Another male employee in Cibitung Office has been declared confirmed positive Covid-19 on 21 September 2020. He conducted last Work From Office (WFO) and stayed at office on 9 September 2020. On 10 September 2020, he got symptoms and after a few days his condition was not getting better, then on 13 September he decided to visit doctor and took several tests and check. As the CT Thorax result showed indication of pneumonia, he took PCR test on 15 September 2020 and the result which released on 21 September 2020 showed that he is confirmed POSITIVE COVID-19. Currently, his condition is quite good (no hard-breathing) but with symptoms, still doing self-isolation at home and waiting further direction from Puskesmas.

In response to this situation, TTI has been conducting the following precautionary measures in due course:

  1. Has reported to Puskesmas Kecamatan Danau Indah - Cikarang, Bekasi this morning
    Reported to TTLC Building Management and MM2100 Management today

  2. Have conducted close contact tracing and refer to close contact definition (within 1 meter and more than 15 minutes), there is no person considered as close contact

  3. We have conducted disinfecting all areas concerned within Cibitung office premises on last Saturday as well as regular disinfectant on every weekend. As an additional, we would conduct additional disinfectant for Cibitung Office tonight after office hour. Please let the office vacant by 19.00 PM

  4. Has conducted car disinfecting every week

Refer to the above situation, we would like to announce that Cibitung office will remail open as usual, because Government (Puskesmas) in Bekasi does not request to close the office due to we will completed additional disinfecting the office.

As we have 3 confirmed positive Covid-19 case which is too many for us, we would like to strengthen our Health Monitoring to all employees. For faster monitoring and early detection for members who have symptoms in order to take fast proper action, we would implement Mandatory Daily Monitoring with below procedure:

  1. Employee has to fill Online Health Declaration every morning before 08.00 AM, For employee who has symptoms (fever-temperature 37.3 Celsius or more, cough, influenza, etc) cannot come to office. The employee has to report to DeO/DiO and follow the WFH arrangement and company direction. The form can be accessed by mobile phone/computer in the following link

  2. Employee has to fill Online Close Contact Record every afternoon by 05.00PM. The form can be accessed by mobile phone/computer in the following link

  3. The forms are mandatory to be filled by all employees everyday (including weekend/holiday)

  4. Everyday DeO/DiO has to check the members condition refer to the submitted form and ensure that all members submit the required forms. (GA - Yanthy san will download the report and share each DeO/DiO for checking purpose)

  5. DeO/DiO has to report to HRGA in case there is members has symptoms and arrange WFH and monitor the health condition of the members to get the updates and take necessary action/direction.

To all employees, even we have more confirmed positive Covid-19 cases, please stay calm, but for sure we have to be more careful and we strongly remind all of employees to surely keep doing Health Protocol both in workplace and also in the private life to prevent infection.

Thank you for your continues cooperation and kind attention.