TTI Covid-19 News: Working Condition on August 2020

Working Condition for August 2020

Refer to covid-19 pandemic, we have been implementing working condition of 50% WFO and 50% WFH until 31 July 2020.

Considering the pandemic situation that is still going on and also other external factors, Company would like to extend the working condition 50% WFO and 50% WFH from 1st August – 21st August 2020.

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Company will still provide transportation by using company car to avoid virus spreading in the public transportation. Each department kindly arrange the transportation for each members.

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Keep Social Distancing

  1. Keep 1 meter distance at work, in the meeting room and praying room

  2. During lunch time, please keep distance at the pantry or you may take lunch at your desk with keep the cleanliness

  3. We recommend you to bring bento from home to avoid crowded at the restaurant or buying lunch outside

  4. In case you need to take lunch at outside restaurant, please always keep health protocol and social distancing

  5. In case you came to MidPlaza office, please utilize stair rather than using elevator to avoid crowded at the lobby or inside

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Personal Hygiene

Continue to keep personal hygiene (wear mask always, frequent  wash hand with soap or hand sanitizer, monitor your health condition, avoid crowded).