Make a Clear Plan and Take your Action

2020 has started, and this year’s TTI slogan has already been announced in the New Year Greeting Session, held on Jan 6 in Midplaza and Jan 7 in Cibitung office. Let’s take a quick review of  what it was all about! :)

First of all, Yanase san mentioned about the importance of understanding the current External Environment, in other words, “Social Needs” in Indonesia, as well as customer needs around TTI Group.

External Environment(Social Needs):

1. Increasing Productivity

2. Export

3. Infrastructure Improvement

4. Improvement of QOL (Quality of Life)

5. Environmental Friendly


Based on those needs, he explained 3 key domains for us in Mid-term.

3 KEY Domains for furher growth in the Mid-Term

1. Waste Management

2. Digitalization

3. Health Care


After understanding the sosial needs, cusomer needs and 3 key domains, Yanase san also explained about our direction.

Our Direction

<<Outward Development>>

- Expand with Function : Expand Biz, New customer, New PJ

- Add onto Current : Add value, Add function

- Create with Partners : Recycle, Infrastructure, Life Biz


In addition to  above Outward Development, we also need to focus on Fundamental Construction as below.

<<Fundamental Construction>>

 - Maximize for efficiency

: Digitalization/ Consolidatio/ New Product

 - Connect with Others

 : Division, SBU, Group/ Sister company / Region, TTC

 And to support above fundamental, we need to develop

Strong Individual withONE TEAM SPIRIT.


In his speech, he has mentioned that as trading comapny which doesn’t produce any products, our only weapon in the business field is manpower. So let’s make a clear plan to be stronger individual, enhance our power by working as TEAM, and take our own actions.