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Chemical & Electronics

The Chemicals department was established to support the growth of the organization in the trading chemical field. The department consists of the Petrochemical, Industrial chemicals, specialty chemicals, packaging materials and polyurethane raw material. We supply chemicals that serve as a raw and basic material to extensive industries. We grows by leveraging our overseas network and securing sources through the establishment of Joint Ventures. We also constantly promotes new business development by seeking strong and reputable partners in order to accomplish our GLOBAL 2020 Vision. Our business model is stock business and indent business. Our customers are end users and distributors.

  • Petro Chemicals
  • The Petrochemical deals with solvents for industry of paint, ink, adhesive and monomers, mostly is in bulk liquid. We also have joint venture of distributors in Philippines and Thailand.

  • Industrial Chemicals
  • We trades various kinds of chemicals in the fields of home care and personal care including hygiene materials. Our business model is not only buy and sell but we also manage raw material supply chain as logistic provider for our customer. We also have collaboration with a local partner to utilize their production facility to produce certain product as our OEM business.

  • Speciality Chemicals
  • The products we are handling are quite various such as textile chemicals, dyestuff, agro chemicals, food chemicals (carrageenan, agar2, baking powder), plastic additives (flame retardant), gum rosin. We are developing new food chemicals like konjac paste, natural extract & flavor, mixture of jelly.

  • Packaging Chemicals
  • We are dealing with packaging materials & industrial plastic used for consumer goods, foods, industrial package, home electronic/office peripheral. We serve PVDC for ready to eat sausage. Currently we are focusing to develop sustainable and renewable material such as Bio PE, recycle PET from bottle to bottle, from bottle to textile polyester, from bottle to PET sheet and film for both import and export to support friendly environment.

  • Polyurethane
  • We are supplying polyurethane raw materials for rigid and flexible foam in industry of automotive, furniture, insulation and coating. Currently we are focusing on developing polyurethane raw material to support our new joint venture in Thailand which will be on operation from Q3 2020.

Plastics Business Unit devided into 2 Groups ; Plastic Automotive Materials Department and Plastic Industrial Materials Department.

  • Plastic Automotive Materials Department
  • Plastic Automotive Materials Department procures and supplies plastic resins, paint material, rubber materials, etc mainly for automotive industries.

    We supply raw material for making part of automotive and motorcycle by importing raw material from overseas, such as: Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Korea etc and we sell to Indonesian customer. Currently, Our main customer is Toyota- Daihatsu Group Company, Toyota Auto body, Aisin, Denso, Astra Honda Motor, Suzuki Indomobil Motor etc. Our resins are usually used for car bumper, instruments panel and automotive parts.

    TTI would like to give best support to meet the specific needs of customers from both upstream and downstream industries. In fact anticipated fields of clean environmental, we are actively involved in the development of environmental friendly chemicals and resins by providing ROHS/SOC Free certificate from manufacturer.

  • Plastic Industrial Materials Department
  • Industrial plastic department of TTI is basically doing the same work at its counterpart in the same division (automotive plastic) in the sense that they both trade in the supplies of raw materials for plastic industries, with the difference of market and priorities from both departments.

    The diversification of business and market of our department is in the supply of raw materials to our main customer, EPSON who is one of the biggest inkjet printer manufacturer in Indonesia.

In the supply chain of plastic material, main function of our department is to import plastic resins from overseas, such as Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and Korea then we sell to Indonesian customer. On the other hand, various requests of local coloring and compounding are able to be managed by our related company.

Our department utilizes the vast network from our many divisions, such as sharing client and information with the Chemical Division as well using the Logistic Department vast network of warehouses and transportation network to store and distribute them to our clients. All this is done to further expand our current business.

  • Feed and Grains
  • Processed foods
  • Food ingredients
  • Agriculture, marine, and livestock products
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Property, casualty and life insurance
  • Brokered securities
  • Textile and cotton products
  • Apparel
  • Nursing care and medical products
  • Construction and housing materials
  • Estate development
  • Hotel residences